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    Ah, I have the same concern as Elsa is my top pick for a daughter born in the next few years, hopefully. I am considering a double first name to distinguish it slightly in case it becomes more popular. I agree with others here that based on the trends it is unlikely to be as popular as Emma, Ella, or Ellie. Also, Elsie seems to be gaining faster than Elsa so that may be good and/or cause confusion as a girl may get called "Elsie" even if her name is Elsa. Some other similar names you might like... Elodie, Elspeth, Lisette, Liese, Lotte, Maelle, Elya, Elena, Helena, Delia, Clio, Sybil, Lorelie, Adelia, Etta, Ada, Maisie. Good luck!
    Names I admire but can't necessarily use myself: Adela, Berthe, Beryl, Calliope, Celeste, Cleo, Grete, Guinevere, Isadora, Lilac, Lisette, Lucienne, Maelle, Marilla, Marisol, Melina, Ottoline, Pascale, Sibyl, Zara, Zinnia. Boys: Alasdair, Alcott, Anders, Augustine, Barnaby, Evander, Felix, Gilbert, Graham, Hugo, Julian, Kyrill, Leif, Lev, Malcolm, Maxfield, Morgan, Montgomery, Orion, Orlando, Rhys, Roman.

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