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    Ah, I have the same concern as Elsa is my top pick for a daughter born in the next few years, hopefully. I am considering a double first name to distinguish it slightly in case it becomes more popular. I agree with others here that based on the trends it is unlikely to be as popular as Emma, Ella, or Ellie. Also, Elsie seems to be gaining faster than Elsa so that may be good and/or cause confusion as a girl may get called "Elsie" even if her name is Elsa. Some other similar names you might like... Elodie, Elspeth, Lisette, Liese, Lotte, Maelle, Elya, Elena, Helena, Delia, Clio, Sybil, Lorelie, Adelia, Etta, Ada, Maisie. Good luck!
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    I feel you, I'm really fond of Ellen but the popularity of El- names and the fact she could end up nnd Ellie which I don't like has meant I'm keeping it as middle only material. Elsa, though, isn't anywhere near as popular as the others and the 's' sound makes it different. Elsa's really pretty, if I were you I'd still keep it.

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    This is an interesting issue: The name that is lovely and distinctive in itself, but contains many of the elements of much-more-popular names. In Elsa's case, it's not just the E but the El and kind of the two-syllable, a-ending too, making it similar to Ella and Emma as well as Elise and Eliza. In fact, the vowel beginning and the L in the middle kind of give Isla (especially) and Ailsa and Ilsa a similar problem.

    My feeling is that if you want to name your daughter Elsa, name her Elsa and not one of those other substitutes, which have their virtues but have their problems too that make them ultimately not an improvement on Elsa. You're only too aware of Elsa's downside, and all the reassurances about its prettiness will not take that away. Indeed, she may end up with lots of friends over the years named Ella or Ellie or Elsie -- and may even be called (and want to be called) Ellie herself. Will that drive you mad?

    I think if you really want to get away from this issue, you have to move further away from a vowel-beginning name -- Lisette or Helena or Clio do the trick. To me, even Elodie or Elspeth may end up as Ellies; I love Adelia, but she might be conflated with all the Adelaides and Adelines and become Addie.
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    My middle name is Elza, and I've been using it as my first for the longest time. It's not a misspell of Elsa, but I've never had anyone mistake it (no matter what it says on this site). The only other person I've heard of with the name was my great grand, who I was named for. As a kid, I felt I was unique for the z alone.

    What about Ilsa, Ilse, or Ilka?
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    I know exactly how you feel! I love the name and used it for my now two year old. I still love the name, but it does bother me how it blends in with all the "El" names that are so popular right now. She isn't in school yet, but she has a few Ellie's/Ella's in her play group, and of course when you call one of them, ALL of them respond because they all sound so similar. It also bothers me that she gets called Ella all the time. I reallllly hope nobody ever calls her Ellie or the more intuitive Elsie, which is another name I am hearing more of lately. I don't necessarily regret naming her Elsa, but if I could do it over I may have stuck with one of our more unique "finalists". Elsa itself is more unique than say Ella or Ellie, but it doesn't *feel* unique at all (to me, anyway) because it is so similar.

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