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    Question Love Elsa, but hate that 'El' name are so popular right now...

    I was one of five in my high school with my name so I do not want a name that is overly popular. It seems that female names starting with 'El' are really popular right now. Opinions???

    Open to other suggestions...husband does not like Esme or Samara (I do!). Husband likes Reese, but I think it is too popular at the moment.
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    I feel you. I adore Elsa as well, but scratched it off my list because I felt it blended in too much with all the other Emma's and Ella's out there. Elsa DOES have a bit of a different feel than the other names, but it's just too similar for my taste. I also have an uber-popular name and completely understand where you're coming from. Any name that is popular, looks like it will become popular, or is too similar to a popular name is off the table for me. Some people don't understand that, but that's just the way I feel.

    What about something like Alma? It had a vintage feel similar to Elsa IMO, but perhaps different enough to set it apart from the other E names.
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    It's a beautiful name, and to be honest there's a reason El- names are popular - they tend to be gorgeous! 'El' is a really pleasant sound so I'd hate to think its popularity would take away from your love of Elsa which I think would be one of the less popular El- names rankings wise? If it bothers you, maybe consider Ilsa? It has connections to the wonderful film Casablanca while having an almost identical pronunciation but without the overt popularity. Hope this helps!

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    I haven't looked at the numbers, but Elsa itself isn't popular, right? It is a lovely name and has such a different feel and sound that Ella & company -- I would hate for you not to use it and regret it when your daughter doesn't meet any other Elsas, which I strongly feel would be the case. And as pp said, there's always the Ilsa option, but I prefer Elsa. There's just something about that "el" sound! Also, I knew a girl in high school called Elka, so there's another option with a similar sound.

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    Just spell it Ilsa. I love the name. We made the mistake of naming our dog Elsa and we totally would love to use it for a baby name! My husband has seriously tried to convince me it wouldn't be a big deal to use it on a child. Um, no.

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