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Thread: Evita

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    Is Evita too much of a one person name?
    I once knew someone (other than Eva Peron) with the name so I don't think so, but what is the general opinion? Would you use it?

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    Eve is one of my favorite names, but when I look at Evita I see Evite. Maybe Yvette or Yvetta?
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    Evita is one of my favorite names! I would use it on our daughter, but my husband thinks that anyone who saw her name before meeting her would assume she's Hispanic (which I think is silly). I also shy away from it because of the popularity of Eva/Ava. But it is such a beautiful name!

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    It's silly to have it as a full, formal name. Eva is very pretty though.
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    It's a name I've always liked as a full formal name and a nn for Eva and it seemed to work for the girl I knew, but now when I mention it people don't seem to think it's suitable as a name. But I do tend to like some unusual names that some might consider not suitable for a child... Though I didn't think Evita was one of them.

    Baby Cosima,
    expected to arrive in or around September

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