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    Altair- I really like this name, it reminds me of science and magic, for some reason
    Aurelian- to me this feels like a nationality, like australian or a classification, like reptilian
    Cato- this is a little harsh for me, but I like it
    Casimir- this really seems to fit the vibe you're going for
    Damien- eh, feels slightly evil, or bad to me
    Emrys/Ambrose - love both, Ambrose seems to fit what you're going for more, but I also really like Emyrys
    Evander- I really like this
    Faramond- very beautiful, It feels wild, like a moor
    Gabriel- only ok, It seems to common for you
    Hadrian- this name seems slightly malicious, maybe because I remember seeing it as a top choice for an evil dictator name on the writers board
    Hector- I really love this
    Herne- I really think you should use this since it was on your first list, you seemed so in love with it
    Hugo- One of my favorites, but it seems to be more popular in the UK
    Idris- ok, feels feminine to me
    Isidore- same as Idris, but I still kind of like it
    Lucius/Lucien - Feels kind of evil
    Oliver - like, but I think is too popular for you, how about olivier
    Orlando- ok, but in the U.S. I think of the city
    Rainier- beautiful imagery, and I love the connection to family
    Remiel- I really like this and the nn Remy
    Robin- this is on my list, I Love the robin hood imagery and the freeness associated with birds
    Roland- I like this
    Rufus- It's ok, but it was the name of a naked mole rat on a TV show I watched as a kid, that's what I always think of, as well as Rufus Wainwright
    Silvan- pretty, but in the U.S. There is a well known learning center by that name
    Theron- Love, It seems free, but could be anything and seems like it would age well
    Tiberius- seems a little cold to me
    Tristram- I quite like this
    Weyland- This seems ok, but a little off to me, I'm sure it has great meaning

    My top ten would be:

    Ladies: Etta Elettra Noor, Lincoln Minerva Scout, and Zelda Faye Orion
    Gents: Asa Nicolai Snow, Perrin Mattias Fox, Theodore Viggo Bel

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