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    New List for Baby Boy: Quirky & Sassy

    We changed or minds (or my boyfriend did) so we are starting over again with names for our baby. His main issue was that the names didn't feel like names, so I've tried to find names that feel like names (does that make sense at all?). There are lots of them, I know, so I don't expect anyone to comment on all on them, just tell me what you think whichever way you want. And we're open to suggestions as well, if there's anything you think we might like (I know this is pretty all over the place). We will probably have a quirky, sassy, bookish and independent little child.

    ... the list... (updated list on page 5, post #45!)
    Alexis, Aloysius, Altair, Anselm, Ambrose, Arronax, Aurelian
    Bertram, Byron
    Casimir, Cato, Cecil, Cicero, Clemens, Constantine, Cyrus
    Damon, Dante, Didier, Dominic
    Ephraim, Etienne, Eusebios, Evander, Everard
    Faramond, Felix
    Hadrian, Heath, Hector, Hermes, Herne, Horatio, Hugo
    Idris, Ignatius, Ilan, Isidore, Ivan
    Jason, Jules, Julian, Junot
    Leopold, Lucius, Lysander
    Octavian, Orion, Orlando, Otterley, Ovid
    Pelleas, Percival, Perseus, Phineas
    Rainier, Remiel, Robin, Roderick, Roland, Roscoe, Rufus, Rupert
    Seneca, Senna, Serafim, Silvanus, Socrates
    Tarquin, Theron, Thoreau, Tiberius, Tristram
    Ulric, Ulysses
    Vasiliy, Verne, Vieri, Villads, Virgil

    Thank you!
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    Jules, Virgil, and Heath make me picture an intelligent, independent young man.

    Did you have a gender ultrasound and find out for sure, or are you finding out the sex of the baby at birth and choosing one combo for each sex?

    Have a healthy, happy remainder of your pregnancy!
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    Your little one will definately be as unique as his wonderful parents! My favs from you list that signify your criteria

    Aloysius, Ambrose
    Casimir, Cicero, Cyrus
    Dante, Dominic
    Heath, Hector, Hugo
    Ignatius, Isidore, Ivan
    Jason, Julian
    Leopold, Lucius
    Orion, Orlando
    Percival, Perseus, Phineas
    Rainier, Remiel, Robin, Roderick, Roscoe
    Ulric, Ulysses
    Verne, Virgil

    These are IMO very quirky, sassy, bookish and independent as well as having the Feeling of a Name I Love them all!

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    My favorites (and why):

    Altair - the astronomical connection, the symbolism, and the beautiful pronunciation make this one a favorite for me.
    Anselm - a strong, warrioresque sound, and love the meaning "divine protection" ... also reminds me of Kingdom Hearts because of the similarity to Ansem, which I love (even though he was the villain)
    Casimir - love the "peacekeeper" meaning, and it's definitely a bookish name with sass. Also reminds me of the Kashmir song
    Constantine - GP of mine for a long time. I'd like to say it's because of the emperor, but really it's because of the Keanu Reeves movie >_>
    Damon - I've long loved Damon, Damian, Darien, and cousins. This affection is in no way hindered by the smoking bad boy vampire who bears the name in TVD
    Evander - packed with history and mythos. Check out the Evander entry in the Bewitching Names blog if you want to fall for this one even harder
    Felix - I love the happy, quirky, upbeat meaning of this name. It's so fun to say and for some reason the image that always comes to mind is a dignified tabby cat with glasses perched on the end of his nose. I'm just weird like that.
    Herne - I'm too in love with this one. Shakespeare, hunter mythos, wild woods, an antlered ghost, connections with the Woden and Cernunnos...I mean this name is a treasure trove!
    Hugo - so many literary personal favorite being The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Just the sort of person I can see you mothering.
    Leopold - in my mind, Leopold is firmly affixed as the quintessential gentleman, entirely due to Kate and Leopold, I'm sure
    Lucius - a GP for me...I love the paradox of this name, that it means "light" but it's associated with so many dark and mysterious characters.
    Octavian - Have you read the Codex Alera series?? If not, you absolutely must. I will always associate this name with the full body chill bumps that come with a perfect plot twist!
    Orion - I don't think my love of Orion needs any explanation or justification. Orion Melchior North will forever be stamped on my brain as the ultimate in magical boy names.
    Phineas - I have a good friend named Phineas, so I associate it with scholarly intelligence and wry humor. It also reminds me of all the quirky, inventive, adventurous escapades of the popular cartoon Phineas and Ferb.
    Quintin - very quirky bookish vibe. I also love the nn Quinn
    Rainier - a beautiful name with a powerful family connection for you. Keep this one!
    Remiel - angel of mercy in all his dreamy, starry perfection
    Robin - I know you have mad love for Robin Hood! Let's see if we can't make him a winner this time around
    Rupert - I think of Rupert Giles, the strongest, most compassionate, self-sacrificing, demon-slaying, all around amazing librarian ever in the history of television ^_^
    Serafim - I am in love with this name, so I included it in this list of faves despite my concerns. I'm not sure how this name is perceived in your area, but in mine it skews feminine and fairy-like.
    Silvanus - I'm glad to see a form of Sylvan on your list, because I love the wild woods association and the silvery sound.
    Socrates - a more daring choice, but I love it! Studiously quirky, in a very cool way. I love names like this, and Archimedes, and Copernicus...
    Theron - So glad to see him again! One of my favorite sites lists him as meaning "untamed hunter"...very My Side of the Mountain!
    Thoreau - dreamy, nature-rich, and literary. a perfect trifecta.
    Tiberius - love the ancient Romanesque sound and the watery associations
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    Narnia Rose, Astoria nn Story, Illyria, Serafina, Soraya, Faerydae
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    I love this list. I had to just sit there and LOOK at it for a while. A lot to process! I'm not going to sing the praises of all the beauties yet. Just going to be harsh, in the interest of helping you eliminate. Some of my reasons for the no's are a bit iffy, but here goes:

    yes: Aloysius, Altair, Anselm, Ambrose, Aurelian
    no: Alexis ('80s), Arronax (sounds like a lawn-fertilizer)

    yes: Bertram
    no: Byron (over the top)

    yes: Cato, Cecil, Clemens
    no: Cicero (OTT), Constantine (OTT regal), Cyrus (better Cy names out there- take it from me) Casimir (beautiful but not wearable)

    yes: Dante, Didier
    no: Damon (demon... if that's your thing, ok. Not wild about the sound though.), Dominic (not as graceful as others)

    yes: Ephraim, Etienne, Evander, Everard
    no: Eusebios (a mouthful)

    yes: Faramond, Felix

    no: Gaius (manus, boyus, Guy Icon, Stan Manly, Adam, etc)

    yes: Hadrian, Heath, Hector, Hermes, Herne, Hugo, Horatio

    yes: Idris, Ignatius, Isidore, Ivan
    no: Ilan (too wispy)

    yes: Julian nn Jules, Junot
    no: Jason (like Diana, it's lost something)

    yes: Lucius (or Lucien!)
    no: Leopold (too macho-kingly), Lysander (velvet pantaloons)

    no: Marcus (falls flat for me)

    no: Nestor (A great literary namesake, but it rhymes with molester.. I imagine a Nestor having big nostrils)

    yes: Orion, Orlando, Otterley!! yes.
    no: Octavian (same as Leopold- over-the-top regal), Ovid (I think of all things ovary-related)

    yes: Percival, Perseus, Phineas
    no: Pelleas ("bilious")

    yes: Quintin

    yes: Rainier, Remiel, Robin, Roland, Roscoe, Rufus
    no: Roderick (something very "bodice-ripper" about this name), Rupert (too nerdy)

    yes: Silvanus
    no: Seneca, Senna, Serafim (all a bit feminine) Socrates (one-man name)

    yes: Theron, Tiberius, Tristram
    no: Thoreau (kind of prefer Walden, or Henri-David, to give the name a little French zhuzhing), Tarquin (I like it, but confused about the namesake)

    yes: Ulysses
    no: Ulric (too vampiric)

    yes: Verne (love!), Virgil
    no: Vasiliy (Nijinsky? Vaseline? It's a toss-up), Vieri, Villads (too villainous)

    no: Xavi (as a nn for Xavier?)

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