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    Help us pick a classic name for boy #2!

    We are expecting our second boy in April and are really stuck on names. We love Charlie, Alexander and Benjamin but both have been taken by close family/friends. Our oldest son is Samuel (almost always called Sam or Sammy).
    Our last name ends with "zac". We love classic names with good nicknames.
    My husband and I are stuck....
    Thoughts on:
    1. John
    2. Isaac
    3. Henry
    4. Leo
    Help! Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!!

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    I think that Leo sounds like it would be a really good match both with your surname and with Samuel.


    Theo or Theodore
    Colton nn Cole
    Julian nn Jules
    Matthias nn Matt
    Eben nn Ben

    My thoughts on: .
    1. John A lovely name but I think that Jack has more grunt to go with Samuel
    2. Isaac Meaning laughter, a happy name but with a zac sound in your surname this may sound too matchy
    3. Henry As an Australian we would automatically use the name Harry (which I love) so if you are keen on Harry then thumbs up on Henry!
    4. Leo A name that will see him through all seasons of life or you may prefer Leon (I don't).


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    Love Isaac, but not with a last name ending in "zac". My pick would be Leo but I feel like with a brother named Samuel nicknamed Sam, Leo needs a full name as well. Maybe Leopold or Leonardo? John is more middle name material to me. And I like Henry a lot! In order, my preference would be:
    1. Henry
    2. Leo (but it would be #1 if there was a longer fn for it!)
    3. John
    4. Isaac

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    I really like Leo!

    Other ideas:
    Charles nn Charlie
    Jonathan nn Jon or Jonny
    Theadore nn Theo
    Nathaniel nn Nate or Nathan
    Peter nn Pete
    Tobias nn Toby

    Hope I helped!

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    Henry Isaac gmv
    Mommy to
    Nils David * Serafina Ann

    Zia, Lorelei, Elowen, Vera, Adeline, Cordelia, Zorah

    Judah, Peter, Fredric, Olin, Dean, Jonah

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