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    Altair- Just musically, this one is divine. I like the idea of a starry name for you.
    Aurelian- Lovely and mysterious. I was thinking Carnelian would be interesting, but I know you're going for "name-names"
    Casimir- Beautiful both written and spoken, evocative. I think of the Silk Road, for some reason.
    Damien- An artist name, a serious name, he's got a bit of darkness about him.
    Emrys/Ambrose- Ambrose has quite saintly feeling - I like that it's almost amber, almost rose. With Emrys you get the Merlin association... though I suppose you get it with both.
    Evander- Love that it almost has "wander" "meander." Yet it feels very knightly and strong.
    Faramond- Wonderful meaning, I think of far-off fields, mountains on the horizon..
    Hadrian- Royal and vast, without being macho. This one smells like burnt orange peel and myrrh to me.
    Hector- Hector Protector! This one is tough but cute to me.
    Herne- Subtly magical, a pleasure to say.. I think of mossy-antlered creatures, a velvety black night sky, forest.
    Idris- This one's a palate-cleanser to contrast some of your more elaborate names. Like.. citrus!
    Isidore- I love this. So gallant, poetic, dreamy. Rosamund and Isidore would be a pretty excellent sibset.
    Lucius/Lucien- Lucius is like "luscious" and it IS the original. I prefer Lucien- I like the gentleness of the -ien against the C.
    Oliver- So popular, but not at all trendy. Olive trees, Oliver Twist..
    Orlando- Virginia Woolf. Love.
    Rainier- One of the best. You must use this.
    Robin- Hood. Yes.
    Roland- This name feels adventuresome and curiously Medieval, but also nothing to raise an eyebrow at. I'd say the same of Robin.
    Silvan- No Y?! Ah well. Still beautiful.
    Theron- Both the heron and the hunter! It still feels like a nature-name, I still see herons and marshes, but feels more nameish, and the TH makes it a pleasure to say.
    Tiberius- Badass, clunky and graceful at the same time. I think of wide rivers and cool old black men with long fabulous names.
    Weyland- Excellent idea! I think of far-flung places, ramblers, Johnny Appleseed. I might prefer the Wayland spelling.. Wey reminds me of "curds and whey."

    Cato- Cool and strong. But I think you have better names. And I think of Inspector Clouseau's sidekick, with his crazy sneak-attacks.
    Gabriel- This one seems like everyone's obvious favorite angel-name. Lovely, yes. But I lump it in with Apollo.
    Hugo- I prefer Victor. Hugo feels like the tuba of names.
    Remiel- Great, but Rainier is better.
    Rufus- Love this name. I had a dog named Rufus. I want to think it would be perfect for a little redhead. ..It just feels like a total hipster/skateboarder name lately.
    Tristram- I find this one a little awkward to say. And I think of "tryst," or "triste" in French.

    For your Alexis/Alexander problem: I really enjoy Alastair, or the crazily-spelled but zesty Aleksandr.

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    Thank you Emma and Amy! Reading your comments and associations makes me feel very good about these names (still too many though). Very happy to see both of you include my favourites... I'm making boyfriend read this so he knows I'm right and he's wrong (evil laugh). My favourites are Hadrian, Casimir, Rainier, Isidore, Altair, Lucius, Evander, Weyland and Theron. And Oliver and Robin and Hector too...

    Of course you got upset about the y in Silvan, Emma you little y-fan. I actually try to avoid y's unless they're necessary... much prefer the clean i (for myself of course).

    Thanks again, ladies!

    edit: I'm eliminating the names you said no to Emma, except for Remiel.
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    My top choices for you would be Aurelian, Emrys/Ambrose, Hadrian, and Rainier.

    Silvan, Theron, Robin, Hector, and Roland would be in a close second.

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    Great list-- much cleaner!

    Altair: at once accessible and exotic. Astronomical and avian. Wearable completely.

    Aurelian: I absolutely love it as it's gone on and off my own list; but do fear that it will be confused with Aurelia. The -ian ending is my favorite, but it can skew feminine given the number of "ine" girls' names that are popular now. Would you consider switching to the unambiguously masculine Aurelius? Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher-king, was a decent (if not perfect) namesake, and I think it's more wearable.

    Cato: I think your instincts are correct; it's a bit clipped and less evocative than your other Roman names. I would strike.

    Casimir: despite its similarity to the word 'cashmere,' this is a tough guy name. Rugged and soldierly. Utterly unique but still realistic.

    Damien: short of a deep connection to this name which you haven't shared, I think it's less interesting than most of your other options. Completely realistic however-- I have a close friend called Damien (a surgeon).

    Emrys/Ambrose: one of my favorites. Just the right whiff of medieval parchment, monks in silent stone corridors, 19th century handlebar mustaches, and mythos. Again, completely realistic as a modern given name.

    Evander: I think this name should be a top contender. It's Scottish and Greek; in the Greek "eu + andros" = 'good man;' the name of several early saints; in the Scottish form, it's actually from the Gaelic variant of Ivor and therefore connected to the yew tree. This name is masculine and dashing, and kills so many birds with one stone it deserves serious consideration.

    Faramond: I'm so fond of Faramond. The king of the Franks, meaning "journey protection." But is is definitely the most unusual name left on your list. Perhaps it should be moved to the middle spot.

    Gabriel: a lovely, unobjectionable name, but perhaps not right for your family. A little popular and a little religious for you, I think.

    Hadrian: again a wonderful Roman namesake. Similarity to Adrian makes it feel familiar even if it's rarely given. I like the connection to the British Isles. Definitely deserves serious consideration.

    Hector: I like Hector, though not as much as your other choices. It sounds a bit like hectic or heckle.

    Herne: again, despite its rarity I think the brevity and consonant-rich nature of this name keeps it grounded and realistic. I love the mythology, the nature connection, and the evocative nature of the name.

    Hugo: I am not nearly as strong a fan of this name as others. I see "huge-o" and a name that's ripe for teasing, despite its blooming popularity. I also think it pales into invisibility by comparison to names like Altair, Rainier, Evander, Wayland...

    Idris: I love this Welsh name, though my vote would go to Emrys if the two had a cage match. It's crisp and clipped. Not sure how commonly it's given nowadays?

    Isidore: "gift of Isis," popular Sephardic Jewish name. I don't find it as evocative or mysterious as your other options, and over here it has a rather geriatric image, but I doubt that's the case in the UK.

    Lucius/Lucien: prefer Lucien. Ravishing and realistic-- esp if you're considering a move to France.

    Oliver: as with Gabriel, I think this is simply too popular to really fit with your deep-seated reasons for choosing a name. That being said, it has a medieval strength to it; Olivier was Roland's close companion, and the connection to olives/nature (even if that's a false etymology).

    Orlando: very romantic. As long as you stay far away from Florida. I like the Shakespearean association, but wonder if more people nowadays will associate it with Orlando Bloom and DisneyWorld?

    Rainier: top choice. Mountains, your grandfather, beautiful aesthetics, a Prince, given in England since the Conquest. Great medieval meaning/sound too.

    Remiel: softer than Rainier but still pretty. The angel of mercy-- great namesake. Subtly Hebrew, so a connection to your heritage. Realistic but only just.

    Robin: I think this name lacks the strength and grandeur of most of your other choices.

    Roland: very much a fan. Obviously wearable, medieval and warrior-like (but with a conscience). Great namesake. If you're in France, check out Roncevalles!

    Rufus: I think this really only works for Irish setters.

    Silvan: definite yes. Realistic name; ancient Roman; saintly; nature-connected; conjures up those deep wild forests you love. Trim and masculine without being macho.

    Theron: most people will think of Charlize Theron, honestly. I wonder if the average person hearing the name would see any mythological connection at all.

    Tiberius: fun and bad-ass. You can't mess with a guy named Tiberius.

    Tristram: I think it's far too soft. Tristan is better, but has been overrun. I just think of Tristram Shandy.

    Weyland: I know I suggested it but I love it. (Or spelled Wayland). Fascinating folk mythological figure (imported to Britain via the Vikings, probably, or maybe the Saxons); evocative of paths through forests; perfectly wearable.

    Top 10:

    Blade, MD

    XY: Antoine Raphael; Julian Victor
    XX: Cassia Viviane Noor

    Allaire * Emmanuelle * Honora * Lysandra * Marina * Rosamond * Serena * Sylvie * Thea * Verity / Blaise * Cyprian * Evander * Jules * Laurence * Lucian * Marius * Quentin * Rainier * Silvan

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