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    Whoa, a lot to reply to! Thank you so much everyone!

    mill1020: We don't know the gender, no, leaving it as a nice surprise!

    Sessh: Thank you for your sweet sweet comments! I'm going to check out that name blog, and also the Codex Alera books! Serafim might indeed be too feminine. But it's soooo pretty!!! I love your Felix imagery, cats are my favourite things. And man, I love The Invention of Hugo Cabret... such a lovely book...

    Emma: Clean yes or no, great! I'm not a huge fan of Xavier, but I think Xavi is so adorable and cute (might have something to do with the gorgeous Spanish football player though...). You had me laughing out loud a few times there, especially at Roderick & Nestor. Can't use those now, thank you very much! Nostrils... I hate that word. Lucien is very beautiful, I just prefer Lucius, it's such a good name. Luciano is nice as well.

    Bladey: I forgot to put Clemency on my girl list! Thanks for reminding me. Family names on are list were all on your no list (Alexis, Aloysius, Ilan, Ivan, Dominic & Marcus). Inigo is amazing, I love The Princess Bride! And Damian/Damien is bad ass. Robin is more a boy's name in England, 148 boys and 30 girls last year. Maybe Silvan is better than Silvanus? Silvan is a beautiful name. What's the thing with Roscoe and Alabama? You're pretty funny, we had a good time reading your comments, and as always they were very helpful! Junot is obviously for Junot Diaz, whom I LOVE (with capital letters). I think it's adorable.

    capturedcastle: I have nephews named Reuben and Theodore! And my friend's baby is Calvin. Great suggestions though, I love them all.

    Lori: as you may have noticed, I was pretty inspired by your amazing baby names. I went back to your thread and had a look through!
    If you've got awesome suggestions I'm all ears...

    Amy: Hector... always loved the name and the mythology, but after Troy with beautiful mr. Bana that name jumped up a hundred levels. You don't think a blonde kid could pull of Hadrian? We both have blonde dominance in our families, but there's some strong Asian genes in my family that came out in me and might go to baby as well. I do love the name Gabriel! I never even thought of it! Dominic is the name of boyfriend's grandfather, I've always liked it. You've inspired it too though, I see little Dom all the time and I think it's the cutest nickname. It would be a middle though, as it's already in use in the family.

    Blade (again): Top 20, yay! Thank you, I love that Idris is so far up. Emrys is nice, but is it weird to use such a welsh-welsh name?

    Javad: Thank you for three stars by Lucius! And your comments, very helpful! I laughed when I read the parrot thing...

    can90, katie8765, notcinnaom, roe212, crunchymama, sodallas3: Thank you for your help!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Kind of funny how many names you have on your list that are towns in my area: Cato, Lysander, Cicero to name a few! Even though you are in UK, I can't get into those because they are all "places" to me.

    I like the following based on what I think are the most your style, but still totally "normal" but uncommon:
    Xavi seems incomplete -- what about Xavier? This is supposedly 70-something in the US, but my husband's coworker who is in his late 30's and my 1 year old nephew are the only 2 people I've ever met with this name.

    I"m kind of surprised to see some names like Jason and Marcus on your list. I think those would be way to common for your tastes.

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    @ottilie-- happy to have helped. Sorry for striking all the family names off! I believe they really ground and humanize a name. So Alexis, Aloysius, Ilan, Ivan, Dominic & Marcus-- any possible tweaks you'd consider, i.e. Ragnar --> Rainier?

    Re Emrys-- honestly I think it's very much an old man name in Wales, but whereas Ambrose skews monkish, Emrys skews magical (both still being viable real-world names).
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    Alexis - Alexander (but v. pop in bf's family), Alexei, Alexandria (and give it to the girls), Alastar, Alessandro, Santeri
    Aloysius - Louis
    Ilan - anything tree related
    Ivan - Ivo

    2gsdchildren: Haha, yeah, I know there are lots of name cities in America, I find it incredibly funny whenever I'm there. I do love Cato though...

    Mischa: Thank you, I love that Hadrian is in bold!!
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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