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    Here are the ones I like for the boys list for you:

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    YAY THE LIST! That day or so of waiting was much too long for me... I'm so exicted. I have to say, some of Emma's comments just made me laugh out loud (especially Roderick, haha). For the sake of simplicity and positivity I am only going to list names that I like, and leave the ones I don't off for now. I'll give stonger opionions/descriptions when it's been narrowed down a bit:

    *Altair- I have come around to this one and I think it's gorgeous. The clear winner out of all the A-names in my opinion.
    *Casimir- How was this never on the list until now?? It is to die for! This gets a huge, huge thumbs up from me.
    Damon- I've always liked this name based on sound alone. I am partial to the Damien, Darren, Desmond train of thought.
    Dominic- That this is even on your list I am taking as a huge compliment to myself, but I doubt I get a real vote. (Biased- I love it)
    Ephraim- In general, I am a usually a big fan of this name, though I'm just not sure it gives me the "magical Ottilie baby" vibe
    *Evander- So gentlemanly and lovely. Such a great meaning and vowels everywhere! (I like this more than Lysander and Everard)
    Hadrian- Beautiful. So many of the sounds that I know you like, but didn't you say your little guy will most likely be blonde?
    *Heath- I love this. As a nature name I give this a glowing recommendation. I know a Heath and he is the sweetest!
    Hector- Strong, awesome, Eric Bana, awesome, maybe not quite distinct enough? Awesome, but maybe as a mn? I couldn't decide.
    Herne- I can't help but love this, but the only issue I wonder about is your one-syllable last name. (I also like Verne but not as much)
    Julian- Soft and sweet, and a good way to get the nn Jules (which unfortunately I don't think you can use by itself.)
    Leopold- Super handsome choice. It sounds the most suave and dignified of all the Leo names if you ask me, and I like Leo names.
    *Orion- I love it. You know I love it. I am happy he gets a second chance back on the list! =]
    *Phineas- Ah, a family name from the noble and most ancient house of Black! But seriously(lol) 'Phineas and Ferb' is the greatest children's show on right now and he is an awesome character. I thoroughly look forward to watching it... so amusing and adorable.
    Rainier- I love this for you mostly because of the connection to your grandfather, but I definitely think it's a strong contender.
    *Remiel- Gorgeous. Ethereal and wonderful. Has Gabriel ever been suggested or eliminated for you guys?
    *Roland- Epic epic epic! Orlando might work for you too but that is literally the city I live in so I can't see it objectively as a name...
    Theron- Has one of the softest sounds for such a strong hunter name, and I do think it would work well as a first.

    I really love all of the H names and the R's. These I would use as middles: Aurelian, Byron, Cicero, Dante, Didier, Etienne, Faramond, Isidore, Jason, Perseus, Robin, Seneca, Socrates, Tiberius, Vasiliy, Vieri. Good luck! =]

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    Please consider Ambrose as a first name! It's so handsome.
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    XY: Antoine Raphael; Julian Victor
    XX: Cassia Viviane Noor

    Allaire * Emmanuelle * Honora * Lysandra * Marina * Rosamond * Serena * Sylvie * Thea * Verity / Blaise * Cyprian * Evander * Jules * Laurence * Lucian * Marius * Quentin * Rainier * Silvan

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    Wow, what a list!! I really like your naming style a lot!

    Firstly, I'll mention the ones I'd cut from the list:
    Xavi (feels like 'er' was cut from Xavier just to stand out, feels a little pretentious)
    Villads (I don't know why, but it feels like a dirty word or something)
    Thoreau (feels both too last namey and too 'heavy'-- and sounds too much like 'throw')
    Tristram (I'm not a fan of the double 'tr' sound)
    Seneca (I'd love this name, but I'd feel weird giving the name of a Native American nation to a kid, to me it feels like naming someone Germany or Canada or America or something)
    Senna (sounds very feminine, would be a greal girl's name)
    Serafim (sounds very feminine also, especially with the rising popularity of Seraphina, and the natural NN Sera)
    Socrates (too historically heavy to work I think, like naming a kid Confucius, and feels pretentious for a given name)
    Pelleas (almost reads as pelvis)
    Octavian (unless it's your eighth kid, octa is too recognizable as the eight prefix (octagon))
    Jason (it's not a bad name, I just think compared to the awesomeness of many of your other names, this one is boring)
    Junot (Juno seems like it's become a well-recognized girl's name, and this has the feeling of just being a spelling variation of that)
    Isidore (feels like a variation of Isidora, like how Isabelle is to Isabella)
    Hermes (sounds like herpes)
    Herne (NN: Horny)
    Faramond (sounds like pheromone)
    Eusebios (sounds like a computer language term or something)
    Cicero (over the top 'bookish' and feels pretentious as a given name in modern times)
    Alexis (as a top 30 name for girls, that'd keep it off the list for me as a boy's name)
    Aloysius (I like how nameberry calls it a perfect name for a parrot, it just doesn't hit the 'human-name spot' for me the more I reflect on it)

    The ones I really like are (*= the ones I especially like):
    Ambrose (but I really really like the Welsh variation of Emrys***)

    The ones I didn't mention are all in the decent, but not wonderful category.

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