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    Nameberry Challeng -- Yugoslavian NM

    I'm almost 15 weeks pregnant, yay! We are finding out the sex and DH and I weren't going to fret too much about widdling down names until we knew the sex, but with a slightly odd naming style I want to try and come up with some combos to focus on a little more. Plus, I've had a fever the last couple days. Not so high that I am passed out, just high enough to be non-functional and bored out of my mind!

    DH grew up in southern Bosnian (Bosnian father, Serbian mother) and also lived a few years in Croatia. So I say "Yugoslavian" names because he isn't explicity tied to a specific county. We both kind of think that most of these names are not very usable in the US, but he definitely wants to use a Jugo name for a middle.

    As a reference, our last name kind of rhymes with Crisco

    We are kind of round and round lately about names in general, but to give you an idea of some we've been throwing around:

    Girls First:
    Eloise - was our #1 choice for a long time, DH has been shying away lately thinking it's too "old" sounding. I totally disagree..............he needs to come around!
    Elizabeth - to DH this is the "safe" option. I usually like to be a LITTLE more adventuresome even though I'm a very conservative namer to most on this site, but the name does have a certain appeal because of all the nn options -- current fav is Libby
    Emily -- Current DH fav. I don't care for it at all (fine name, but ho hum for me to actually name a kid this)

    Girls Middle - obviously not all these are true "Bosnian" names, but these are the Bosnian versions
    Lejla - pronounce like Layla..DH would actually like this as a first name, I don't care for it in that spot though
    Alma - not what mos think of a Bosnian name, but it is commonly accepted as as the female version of his's a lovely name, but would just be weird as a first name since it's similar to his
    Emina - his grandmother's name and very common to the region he's from
    Mira - general slavic name meaning "peace" in a lot of slavic languages
    Ajla - pronounced like Isla

    Boys First
    Harrison - nn Harry
    Frederick - nn grandfather's name, but I really don't like "Fred" so just because of that I might not consider it
    Theodore - nn Teddy
    Piers - we like this, but a friend's fiance who we aren't that close to is the only other person we've met with this name...can't decide if it would be kind of weird since it's so unusual?

    Boys Middle
    Alen - my dad's name is Alan...not sure how much I like naming kids after family members who are alive (not much of an honoring person in general), but he's always liked this name.

    I feel like we're not really jiving with anything right now, including the middle name issue....more suggestions for both first and middle would be welcome (not that many people are familiar with Bosnian names, but I have hope....berries are great at this!)! DH is almost a naming diva...hard to get him really onto a name lately. And I'm completely lost on putting them together to form one name!
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    I'm loving Emina! Would you consider that up front? It has family meaning (I personally put a lot of emphasis on this, I think it gives the name a ton of personal meaning and sentimentality) and it has enough familiar sounds that it would be well received in the US, I think. (Are you in the US?)

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    Yes, in the US!

    Soooooo. Overall not trying to honor one side over the other in the first name spot (which is a consideration with Frederick). Long story, it might cause more bitterness than it's worth depending on what sex we have and how many kids we have if things are not totally "even" using family names at the end of the day.............
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    Reading your description the first name that came to mind was Zlatan b/c I used to work with a Bosnian man named that. Then I saw it already on your list!

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    Is Elizabeth Emina or Eloise Emina too much with the double E?

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