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    Getting to Iggy and Izzy

    My SO yesterday mentioned thtlat he really likes Iggy for a boy. To me it screams nickname so I'm trying to find someway to get to it. All I can find is Ignacio and maybe Iago but it seems like a stretch to me.
    There's also Izzy/Issy which I like and have considered as a nickname for Isaiah, a name that is way to close to our current favorite Issac. The only alternative I can find is Israel but I don't think I like it too much.
    Any other ways to get to Iggy or Izzy?

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    I really like them both! As nicknames, of course. I agree that they're not really good as full names.

    I think Issy could work for your beloved Isaac. I'd look no further.

    My favourite way to get to Iggy is Ignatius but that might be a bit much for most people Another option could be Viggo, which I think goes nicely with Isaac. Another option is giving Isaac a middle name that starts with G, and getting Iggy from there.
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    Why not use Izzy as a nickname for Issac?

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    Ignatz! We almost used this for our boy due this summer, but it's a close friend's long time favorite and we decided not to "steal" it. But Ignatz nn Iggy is sooo awesome.

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