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    4th Child.....boy and girl.... -TON Names

    We are expecting our 4th child. We have not found out the gender. All of our Child's names bed in -ton. We have 2 boys and a girl We like Surnames. For a boy it has to be strong, but for a girl we would like to be able to shorten it into a cute nickname. Our sons names are Ashton and Kolton. Our daughters name is Luxton. We are looking for something a little different....edgy. Maybe a name that we just add -ton onto.....any ideas would really help! Thank you! :-)

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    How about Brighton? I personally see it as more masculine, but I think it has potential to work pretty well on a girl.
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    I love Leighton in a girl, I think it's absolutely adorable. My favorite boys -ton name isnaclqyton, but. Don't know if you would find that too close to Kolton.
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    Keep them coming, nothing jumps out at me so far. Thank you for the replys.

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