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    New season, new names...

    Hey all!! I recently got the news that my older brother and his wife are expecting their first children (yep, first pregnancy, surprised with twins!!) everyone in my family currently has "baby-fever" and of course names are flying about! No word on what they're thinking yet, except knowing my brother, he will push for some Disney-themed names haha..will let you know how that goes! but anyhow, it got me thinking about the names that i want to use someday, and i ended up with a completely different list! It sure is strange how your tastes change over time, let me tell ya! So, what do you think?

    Lil guys:
    Asa Vincent
    Asa Michael
    Ezra Gabriel
    Peter Elliot
    Peter Matthew
    Abel Thomas
    Paul Gregory
    Luke Mackenzie
    Eli Mitchell

    Lil ladies:
    Lydia Jenette
    Lydia Claire
    Lia Page
    Leah Rose
    Aria Quinn
    Anna Ruby

    They don't exactly go together much, but i gathered them all based on different sources. Matthew is after my favorite uncle, Jenette was my late great-grandmother's name (had a huge impact on mine and my mother's lives) as well as the name of my first grade teacher who was murdered years ago, Page is my best friend's name, Peter sort of honors my family name, Gregory is after one of my teachers that also had a huge impact on my life, and my family is Italian so i'm drawn more to those names (hence Lia, Aria, Anna, and somewhat Lydia). I also really am into rather soft-sounding biblical names... there you go!

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