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    Name help please! 37 weeks pregnant! Are nickname names ok?

    I am 37 weeks pregnant and we are yet to decide on a name - don't know gender yet. My husband is a teacher which makes it more complicated as he always seems to have had a good or bad student with any name I suggest.

    We have always leaned towards more traditional names but also would like our children to have names that are not too common. The baby will be a sibling for Hugh Stewart (2 and a half).

    Please help, any input greatly appreciated!

    Current top list...
    BOY - middle name for all the below possibly Malcolm

    GIRL - middle name for all the below possibly Christine

    Thanks so much!

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    I think my favourite would be Harry Malcolm, because Todd and Ned seem so short and just not my style. I think Edward, Edmund or Edgar nn Ned would be much better and would also make the first and middle name flow better. Hugh and Edmund/Edward/Edgar would be adorable together.

    Elsa Christine is the stand out, such a pretty name. I also like Edith Christine.
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    Harry Malcolm sounds a little weird to me... it sounds like a code name for something not so great... sorry!

    Out of the girl names, Elsa Christine is my favorite. Mae Christine sounds kind of backwards to me (pretty, but backwards).

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    I love your son's name, Hugh is so charming and not used much.

    My choices are Harry and Mae. Although i think that Harry Malcolm is a mouthful.

    Mae is gorgeous, so simple and pretty.

    Good luck!

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    My concerns...

    I am worried that Hugh sounds a bit like "who" and with Elsa feels a bit like I would have kids named "who else?"
    I am also concerned about having two boys with H names so not sure about Harry.

    Am I being silly?


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