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    a middle name for Opal...


    I've recently found out that I'm pregnant with our second child. We won't be finding out the sex of the baby, but I've been thinking a LOT about Opal if baby turns out to be a girl.

    I don't want to share my daughters name here, but I will tell you she has a very rare French first name (with greek roots) and a nature middle name.

    I thought it would be nice to give Opal (nature name) a bit of a longer, frilly Greek or French middle to tie in with my first daughter.

    Here's my initial thoughts... I'd love your suggestions.

    Opal Hermione (really love this but does it just scream Harry Potter?)
    Opal Marguerite ( too gemstone heavy with the Pearl reference?)
    Opal Delphine / Delphinia
    Opal Athena
    Opal Mathilde
    Opal Artemis

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