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    My favourite of yours is Opal Marguerite but I admit I think of daisies before pearls with Marguerite.

    Other options:
    Opal Zephirine (or Zephyrine, but the two-i spelling is used for a variety of rose I like that was created in 1868, and also I am a bit y-phobic) - works well for an uncommon French name with Greek roots. Also I just love it.
    Opal Beatrix
    Opal Anaïs
    Opal Alexandrine
    Opal Margaux - an exception to my usual feelings on place names. Margaux strikes me as a bit sassier than Margot. My understanding is it also has a pretty good history of use as a name, unlike what the Nameberry blurb implies.
    Opal Emmanuelle
    Opal Amarante or Opal Amarantha.
    Opal Laetitia
    Opal Noémie
    Opal Félicie

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    Opal is beautiful!! From your list, I really like Opal Hermione and Opal Delphine.

    Opal Ariadne
    Opal Genevieve
    Opal Rowena
    Opal Isolde
    Opal Caterina
    Opal Serenity
    Opal Xandria
    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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