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    Can you guys help find me a pen name?

    I'm open to all suggestions I write queer, Y/A fantasy, and I love adding a sense of whimsy to my stories. My real name is Sunay Correa, which I love and it suits me just fine, but I want a pen name which suits my stories better. I want something that is equally fun, unique, and flows nicely. Longer names are appreciated, but I'll take all suggestions Some names I have thought of but have turned down:
    -Soleil Corrine (kind of a remix of my name)
    -Shiloh Saide
    -Siobhan Sohler
    -Raven Blair
    -Lydia Lynn
    -Luella Sinclair
    -Vittoria Worth
    If you could please help, it would mean the world to me :P
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    None of those names scream 'teen queer fantasy' to me (which is surely a bit of a niche market?)

    Lyyki L'Ambouselli
    Panagiota Pax
    Phryne Frobisher
    Arcadie Lars
    Maxie Montmorency
    Blade, MD

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    Pen names are always really fun to play around with! Here are a few ideas based off the ones you've cut:
    Violet Sparrow
    Nora Flint
    Stella Rafferty
    Aisha Blewett
    Freema Arlotte
    Catalina Blythe
    Maura Muskett
    Marlena Perry
    Ivy Hotchkiss
    Sharona Peat
    Esmerelda Kitts
    Evelyn Thrush
    Cara Tamblin
    Scarlett Beauclerk

    I don't know if any of those things are similar to what you're looking for, but I hope that helps!

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    Have you thought about using names that have meaning to you? Like a variation on a street you grew up on, your middle name, your mother's maiden name, a place that you used to go on holiday as a child, your old school, a pet? I think pen names should reflect you somehow. I came up with a pen name which I was all ready to use based on two of the above until I discovered it was far too close to a pretty well-known song by a pretty well-known band. Huh.

    Using Sunay Correa, what I'd do personally is:

    - Swap your names around. Correa Sunay.
    -Sun is close to Son. Son is a popular surname ending. Ay-sun is close to Mason, Jason or Grayson. What about one of those as a surname?
    -The ending of Correa is close to the girls' name Ria or Rhea, which can be extended to Rhian, Rhiannon or Rhianna (or variant spellings of). Cor- can give you Corrie, Corrine, Cordelia, Cornelia, Corby. You could even take Corby as a surname if you wanted to.

    So that would give you something like Rhiannon Corby or Cordelia Mason. Of course, you could add the name of a road in - Buckworth Street would give you Buck, Buckley, Buckingham, Worthy, Worthington as surname options. George Washington High School could give you Georgia, Georgina, Georgiana, Georgie, Ash(er, ley), Toni (Antonia?) as first name options. Just play around with names and something will click.
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    I feel like you should use Sunday in there somewhere since it's so close to your first name.

    Sunday Corrine
    Cynthia Sunday
    Sunday Sinclair
    Sunday Brynn

    I also like the word/name Reverie:
    Reverie Lynn
    Reverie Blair
    Reverie Sohler
    Lynn Reverie
    Brynn Reverie
    Reverie Brynn

    Other ideas:
    Brynn Sohler
    Brynn Winter
    Winter Brynn
    Winter Sohler (Reminds me of Winter solstice)

    I think you should use inspiration from your birthday/zodiac signs.
    What's your birthday? What time of the day were you born? What's your sign? What are you gemstones?
    What kind of animal do you identify with most? Are you into Harry Potter? If so, take a patronus test and see what animal would be yours.

    Work from there for new ideas.
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