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    Ruby is lovely, one of my faves and I do NOT go for stripper names, ever!

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    Of your girl choices, I really like Dinah. She could be whoever she wants to. Strong but spunky. Dinah Glory could be a sweet and unexpected combination. I think June could make a nice match with Piper as well. Any more girl family names up for grabs?

    I really like Blaise, especially with brother Knox. However, I know from experience that once the hubs gets wind of a meaning he's less than fond of, there is really no hope. My recommendation is Vale Bennett. Fresh, preserves some of the sounds you liked, and goes well with your other kids' names

    Whatever you decide, congrats! So sorry that you're on bed rest. I only had to put up with it for a few days and it was awful - can't imagine 10 weeks. The good news is, this site will give you something to obsess over and keep you occupied!

    ETA: I wouldn't worry too much about Dinah being mistaken for Diana. People would be at least as surprised to hear Diana on a baby, and old school biblical names are all the rage, so she won't be out of place.
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