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    Bored on bedrest and need help naming #3

    Well, I have been put on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy (10 more weeks) so I have a lot of time to think! We still have not come up with any names we totally agree on and I'm starting to stress! Nothing is really jumping out at me. I love the fact that our children's names (Knox Christian and Piper Joy) are short (to complement our 4-syllable last name) and easy to pronounce. I used to love long flowery girls names (Victoria, Bianca etc.), but not anymore. I like the shorter, more spunky girl names and boy names that are strong, but not pompous or yuppie sounding. A random side note: My husband's family is Finnish so he would be insanely excited if we found a name of Finnish or Scandinavian origin. Unfortunately, I've looked with all 3 kids and never really found any I thought would work.

    My husband gets annoyed with me talking about names all the time, but I really would feel so much better if I could get some clarity, especially if I deliver early.

    So, with that said - any help or advice with our current "list" would be so very VERY much appreciated!

    Elsie (He likes)
    Dinah (I like, but would get annoyed if people called her Diana all the time)
    Brenna (Also like, but would be annoyed if she was always called Brenda)
    Ruby (I think we both actually like this one at the moment)
    Gloria (This was my grandmother's name who recently passed away. I always wanted to use it somehow with my own child, but I have a cousin named Gloria so don't know that it's possible.)
    Reagan (I was really liking this one, but he's not totally sold)
    Farrah (He likes)

    Finn (Cool because of his Finnish heritage, but not sure it's very tough sounding)
    Blaise (This has been our #1 boy name for months, but recently my husband discovered the meaning "to lisp or stutter" and he doesn't know if he could use it now)
    Bennett (We both like, but I don't know if I'm sold)

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    I think Dinah and Farrah are absolutely lovely.
    I would avoid Reagan, all I can think of is the former president.
    For Finnish Heritage (yay I love Finland) I would instead suggest Finnish names (not a big fan of the name Finn, and it's not a Finnish name!):
    Ville, Alvar, Armas, Juha, Kauko, Lari, Lars, Mauno, Miska, Otso, Paavo, Perttu, Sulo, Taavi, Valto.
    Always changing...
    Alberta . Hester . Sigrid . Frida . Edwina . Margery . Noelle
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    I think honouring your grandmother by giving a daughter her name would be beautiful, however if you have a cousin named Gloria, then I think you should use it as a middle name, like:
    Ruby Gloria
    Elsie Gloria

    I also think that a Finnish name to pay tribute to your husbands ancestry would be really nice. I think there are lots of good Finnish names and you could always use English versions of the names if it get "too" Finnish. Some Finnish names for your consideration:
    Kalevi, Juhani, Aleksi (Alexander/Alexei), Leevi (Levi), Veeti (Ferdinand), [NAME]Joona (Jonah), Vesa, Aulis, Viljo, Samuli (Samuel), Jussi, Arvid, Martti, Oskar, Valentin.

    Venla (or the Swedish version Vendela), Iida (Ida), Aada (Ada), Veera (Vera), Ritva, Oona, Siiri, Paiva, Noora (Nora), Kaija (Kaya), Maija (Maya), Johanna, Eliisa (Eliza), Sirja, Nelma.
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    I love the name Ruby! I might be biased though considering it's my youngest daughter's name =) I think Ruby Gloria would be a beautiful name that would still honor your grandmother.

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    When I was younger I had a Finnish penpal named Katja. Her sisters are Satu and Marit.
    For girls you might like: Aria, Sylvie, Vera, Freya, Tyra, Thora, Tegan, Brynn, Wren
    The most popular girls' name in Finland last year was Sofia.
    For boys you might like: Elias (most popular boy name in Finland last year), Alaric, Blaine, Tate, Jensen, Stefan, Stellan, Soren, Magnus, Kai, Ren

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