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    Wow! Thank-you for all your responses! I finally was able to go through all your beautiful suggestions with dh, and not surprising to me, nothing he liked... so frustrating as there are so many names you all suggested that I had on my original list and a few I didn't that I quite liked... I think I'm going to get out a baby name book and read every single name aloud to him until I find out what he likes, lol!

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    I really like Norah Madeline. It actually flows a lot better as just Norah rather than Eleanor Madeline For a boy, I really like Ezra Gideon as your DH suggested. Do you have any ideas for a family name to use as a middle name for a daughter or son? If your DD was given a family name, it would be nice, in my opinion, to use a family name for your 2nd child. Here are some more suggestions:
    Mairenn (or Maren)
    Kiera (means "dark" -a possible meaning for Norah is "light" so it would make a neat pair)
    Shannon (maybe it's a bit dated?)
    Teagan (my favourite in this list)
    or how about some Welsh names:
    Bronwen (or Bronwyn)

    Sean/Shawn/Shaun (although the Shawn spelling seems more feminine to me)
    Keegan (although this one doesn't have a very profound meaning imo)
    Kieran or Kiernan (the male version of Kiera, so it also means 'dark")
    Niall or Neal or Neil (although I'm not really a fan of giving siblings names that start with the same letter)
    Nigel (means dark-haired... to go with light... but it starts with 'N' obviously)

    Have fun sorting through all the names!
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    What about Camille?

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