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    So it's Caleb, Jordan, or Kyle.

    I think Caleb sounds the best with McNamara. It's a pretty strong name so if I use it, I think I'll have to add a few character traits to him to make him a little stronger; which is not a big deal because he's one of the most likeable characters in this story.
    Have a Nice Day

    I don't have any children, but I write like crazy and am always looking for names for characters. I think I'm a half decent story teller, a mediocre writer, but horrible at picking names.

    Favorites: Ainsley, Everly, Shay, Bryce, Michaela, Bree, Susannah, Jensen, Damien, Anson, James, Dalton, Sawyer, Alaric

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    I'd go for Caleb too, and when I think of Kirk I think of Star Trek, so.....yeah. You should totally use Caleb.

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