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    Question I Have To Change The Name....

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. I don't like to change names once I've got a good chunk of a novel written, but I think I need to in the case.

    My book is set in the near future and takes place in north america with a apocalypse theme.

    I have a 60ish year old man, Raymond (nn. Ray) Valentine. He has a daughter named, Christina Valentine. She gave birth to a son when she was 17. The father is not in the picture, but she later got married and the man she married adopted her son. I did name her son Shepherd McNamara, but now it's conflicting with Shep's best friend, Seth Wylie, who plays a big part of the story and I don't want to change that name.

    As much as I love Shep, I need a different name for him. Shep is a jock, he's into sports and all, but he's a nice guy. He has lots of friends, he's popular. He's fair-haired with blue eyes.

    The last name is McNamara. And the name needs to go well with Raymond, Christina, and Seth.

    Other ideas already suggested to me, Caleb, Coby, Curtis, Kyle, Timothy, Jordan, Dustin.
    Do any of these work? If not, what do you suggest?

    Thanks so much.
    Have a Nice Day

    I don't have any children, but I write like crazy and am always looking for names for characters. I think I'm a half decent story teller, a mediocre writer, but horrible at picking names.

    Favorites: Ainsley, Everly, Shay, Bryce, Michaela, Bree, Susannah, Jensen, Damien, Anson, James, Dalton, Sawyer, Alaric

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