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Thread: Beowulf?

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    I guess I'm the only one so far who feels differently. I like it! I don't think it's pretentious. Everybody knows who the character Beowulf is from high school, so I don't think it "tries to prove how literary you are," since the story of Beowulf is actually, from what I understand, common knowledge. I think it has a nice sound and I can definitely see it on a real person, especially today with all of the more unusual names that are used.

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    What about just Wolf? Its a little more wearable. Or another Anglo-Saxon name might be satisfying, like Cerdic, Godwin, Osborn, Aldred.

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    I'm open to different names but I really think this one is too far. It's a book almost all of us read in high school, almost everyone knows the name, but I think there's some very good reasons it's not actually used more.

    My husband gets like this too, I always find myself wanting to route for anything "out of the norm" that he says just for the sake of getting him on the right path but this one isn't a winner.

    Speaking of, his best friend is dead set on us using the name "Hurricane" for a boy, thinks it goes great with our last name and is sure we'll have an athlete... UGH... I wish he wasn't serious, good thing he's not the dad!

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    While I would be very amused to meet someone named Beowulf, I can't recommend it.
    Wolf, Wolfgang, Wolfric or Wulfric
    Beauregard, Boris, Balthazar, Barnabas
    Otto, Gunther
    Perseus, Theseus, Lancelot

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    I love it! I can't believe anyone would think "Godwin" or "Osborn" is more "wearable" than a totally cool name most of us did hear in school. Like David and Alexander, Beowulf was a king. It's a fantastic name that people will get used to. How could anyone say it's too different when names like "Asa" and "Thor" are gaining popularity? This is actually the name I have chosen for my boy, and I am glad most people don't use it. I don't want him to have the same name as other people. I have a more common name, and my sisters is even worse, and it just makes it much harder for us, especially as professionals when people are searching for us on the internet, when your name isn't unique.

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