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Thread: Beowulf?

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    Normally, I am a super normal name liker, to the point my daughter was named a name ranked #9 when she was born.

    In making a list for our next (gender as yet unknown), my husband keeps nominating Beowulf as a boy's name. I love the name, as a book title and strong male fiction character, but can't get over how unusual it is. Nonetheless, I see tons of people these days in the birth announcements giving their chilldren extremely unusal monikers, so it's not as if Beowulf would be the only differently named kid out there.

    So, honest opinions, too weird or doable in the age of unique names?

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    Sorry but it's way too over the top.

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    If you want more realistic birth announcements (as in real babies) you should try looking at The Telegraph and Times announcements (based in the UK).

    Beowulf is way too over the top and pretentious. If I saw someone announcing their baby's name as Beowulf I'd assume they were desperately trying to prove how literary and clever they were.

    It could be a fun pet name, though?
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    Quote Originally Posted by philomena View Post
    Beowulf is way too over the top and pretentious.
    I hate to say it, but I agree. Beowulf seems pretentious; it takes cool-literary-reference-name to a whole new level of absurdity, in my opinion.
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    Way, way over the top. If you absolutely love it and have to have it, I'd toss it in as a middle name and call him Wolfie.

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