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    You, Marguerite Esme Frederick and your husband, Benjamin James Frederick are living a happy life in New York City, New York with your children, Eleanora Florence, Rosamund Edith and Matilda Pearl *Nory, Rosie and Tilly*. One of your children, Nory, has just caught the acting bug after being the lead in her school play. She is very excited and wants to audition for a play at large children's theater nearby. Her siblings have heard about it and want to audition too. The kids' energy is contagious. You're getting excited about it yourself.

    It's the day of the auditions, and everyone's nervous, especially you. You've gotten very involved in the preparation for the audition, and are really hoping that all your work will pay off. You pile the whole family into the van the drive to the theater. When you get there, the competition is looking pretty stiff. You hear a boy practicing a monologue in the waiting room with his mother. You decide to go and talk to them. You learn that the mother's name is Tanya Ryan and her son's name is Gideon Ryan. Her son has been in plays at a community theater, and seems a lot more experienced than your other children, even Nory.

    The auditions are over and you're very proud of your children. You're still worried about Gideon, though. About a week and a half later, the cast list is sent out.

    Nory got a role in the play! It isn't the lead but she is still very excited. Gideon has a big part, and you're a little envious, but he deserves it.

    Opening night is a great success! Your child did amazing, and you're very proud. After the show, you meet a man in the lobby. It turns out his name is Atticus Doyle and he's an agent in Hollywood, and he's interested in possibly doing work with your children in the future.

    Atticus wants Nory and Rosie to be in a movie! Your whole family is super excited and can't wait for it to be shot, but whatever direction your children go, you'll always be proud of them.

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