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    Not entirely settled, but would like your thoughts, please.

    I am trying to get my girls list together, so please be patient with me. I have been liking the following names for months now, but my indecisiveness keeps pushing them down the list. So I was wondering if Berries can help me enjoy the name more. For instance, have you ever met a person with these names?

    Really torn between these two:
    Sabrina (I know some will think Teenage Witch, but I think Audrey Hepburn character.)

    I like these too, but unsure:
    Sabre (too tigerish?)

    Are there others names that are similar to them?

    Thank in advance,
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    I like both varieties that end with -a: Sabrina and Sabina. I don't think about the teenage witch with Sabrina, and I knew a little Sabina years ago who was so cute and really endeared me to the name. My one hesitation with these names would be nickname potential. Not that every name needs a nickname, but I don't love "Sab" or "Brina/Bina". Are there any other possibilities?

    Definitely dislike Sabre, and the other versions that end in "breen" and "bean" seem incomplete to me.

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    I like classic Sabrina best. I met a Sabrina in summer camp one year. She was my cabin bunk buddies and we had great fun so I have a great memory of the name. I also loved the show Sabrina The Teenage Witch. (:

    Good Luck!
    Theodore Arthur

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    I don't know anyone with the names you listed, but I a friend of a friend's name is Sabra.
    Of the ones you listed I like Sabrine.
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    Sabrina is a beautiful name. I don't think Sabine is as beautiful or elegant, but I don't mind it. I really don't like Sabre, and the others aren't nearly as nice as Sabrina. Sabrina is stunning. Go forward unreservedly!

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