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    Cool Using nicknames on school forms ect?

    Hey everyone,

    Im thinking about naming my little girl Valentina and using the nickname Nala. I love really love both names but I see Nala as more of a NN and Valentina as a more professional name if she wants it.

    Could I just put Nala on her school forms and things like that? I don't want people at school to start calling her Val or Tina as I really don't like these names.

    Thanks for the advice,


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    I know in my area school forms have a line that let you write in a nn or preferred name that the child goes by along with the given name. I don't know if it's the same everywhere though. If not I would just let the teacher know that she goes by Nala. Personally I would be worried to put a nickname on the school form, I would worry that she might have trouble with her transcripts when she starts applying for college etc. and had multiple names on her documents.
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    I could foresee a lot of problems if the need ever arose to have the records transferred. Likewise, if the school ever needed to exchange information with an outside agency (doctor's office for example,) I could see a lot of confusion if the teachers, secretaries, or whoever were not aware if your child's real given name. Do not assume that they will just "know" what it is if it's buried in the paperwork. If you use a nn on all of her school forms, they will assume it's her real name. I work in Special Ed, so I am aware how much paperwork can go back and forth between teachers, schools, agencies, etc. I've seen mix ups because of misspellings, siblings with similar first names, random kids with the same last name, etc. I can almost guarantee that at some point, using a name other than her "real" name on official paperwork will cause a problem somewhere down the line.

    My suggestion is to make it clear to her teachers from day one what she will be called. It won't be that difficult.
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    Hmm good point. Thanks for your replies. I will just make it clear to her teachers that she goes by Nala.

    Cheers guys

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    Here's what I think: as a teacher, I suggest that you put Valentina on her school forms. If she prefers to be called something else, all she has to do is tell her teacher on the first day of school. Other students will call her by the name she introduces herself with, whether that's Nala (adorable, by the way) or another variation of her name. Putting Nala on her forms will most likely cause her trouble later on.

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