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    Both are lovely! You can't go wrong. Maybe wait until you meet her and one name will seem to click.

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    Phoebe Clementine! I love it.

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    I love, love, love Pheobe Clementine. It's just so sweet. Etta is ok. I don't love it and I really dislike Juliet.
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    Thanks for such great advice everyone, I really do love this website! I'm thinking we're leaning more towards Phoebe, but will hold other options in reserve in case she just doesn't look like a Phoebe! We've wondered over the last few days if Etta is a harsh sound that won't wear well on a baby or little girl? It was just something that my mum mentioned that got me thinking.

    We're thinking of pairing Phoebe with Valencia - this is a bit of a hard one for me, I love the meaning and symbolism but the name itself wouldn't be one of my favourites. My mum (again!) said she thought it could sound a bit 'celebrity' - what do people think about that? I know what she means, and she referred to Posh and Becks and Brooklyn! I must note though, this is not conception location! But where we met... We have had a long distance relationship with me now living in Aus so it means a lot to us. Does meaning have more weight that like-ability though? Phoebe Valencia... It does also give her the initials PVC, not great, but I suppose not a deal breaker. I think you can't beat Phoebe Clementine for the way it sounds, but as both names have been 'conjured' recently, it doesn't feel like a lot of meaning is there - you know?

    Thanks so much Nameberries!

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    I adore Phoebe Clementine!

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