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    Talking Etta Valencia or Phoebe Clementine?

    Hi everyone!

    I'm new to Nameberry (well, I have been reading here lots for the last few months but new to posting!). We are expecting our first baby in two weeks, a little girl. We have been umming and aahing about names for months and I always thought it was going to get easier the closer we got to the big day - but it hasn't! We have our general list of favourites: Eva, Ottilie, Phoebe, Juliet and Olive, but as yet haven't managed to pin it down on one name. I love the suggestions on here and it would be great to see what you all think. Currently, the two biggest contenders are:

    Etta Valencia (she would officially be Juliet, but known as Etta. Valencia has special meaning as it is where I met my partner many years ago, and I love the meaning 'brave/strong')


    Phoebe Clementine (again, I love the meaning of both names, and think that the name has a really lovely 'happy' sort of vibe.)

    My partner prefers Etta Valencia but he is quite flexible. I'd love to hear other combinations that you think would work well, as well as which you prefer out of those two options!

    Oh and we have a very traditional surname - begins with C, two syllables.


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