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    Need your help in naming our baby girl!!!

    Hi berries,

    We have created a short-list of first and middle names and I would really appreciate your feedback on them! I am looking for a longer, more feminine name that can be shortened to a cute nickname. Big sister's name is Sofia

    Emmanuelle Lucia (Emmylu)
    Theodora Rose (Teddy)
    Lucia Alexandra (Lu)


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    I like Lucia (pronounced LOO-SEE-AH) But it seems too close to Sofia for me..

    Emannuelle Lucia is too much of a name for me... Emmy is cute but there are lots of emmy's right now with all the Emily's out there...

    Theodora is very cute but I personally prefer Thea as a Nick name!


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    Beautiful short list. I have to agree, I think Lucia and Sofia are a bit too close. Of the other two, Theodora Rose is perfect, no tweaks to suggest. Emmanuelle is a ravishing name, but it is 4 syllables long. Perhaps you could shorten the middle to another "light" name, just to make it a bit more digestible? I like Emmanuelle Lucine.
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    How funny! When I was in middle school, I told everyone that I was going to have a daughter named Emmanuelle Rose, nn Emmy or Elle. That was over 10 years ago and I still love the name Emmanuelle. I agree with Blade that Lucia may be a bit long to go with the four syllable fn, especially if you have a longer last name.

    I don't love the name Theodora, but Theodora Rose is quite beautiful. Lucia is quite similar to Sofia, but could work if you really love it.
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