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    Question Just a Question

    So, I don't know if everyone knows this but me, but on posts where mothers list their childrens' names, they alter them, as in Calli0pe, M@ggie, 1sabella. What exactly is the point?


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    It's for security reasons (I suppose that's the best way to label it) - with symbols replacing some of the letters, the names aren't google-able and therefore as easily traced.
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    So...traceable by whom? Are people worried someone will look them up thru a baby name site? I believe that and don't mean it to come out incredulous, I'm just confused.

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    Yes. Some people are quite paranoid and believe that their collection of given names-- or their first-middle combo-- is so incredibly unique and googleable that it will lead people to this website.

    Say you as a loving mom just gave birth to Elowen Jane and, idly, want to google to see what other Elowen Janes exist in the world and what kind of people they've become. You type it in to the search engine and bam! end up on nameberry where your neighbor says "my friend just named her daughter Elowen Jane! I about died laughing! It sounds like a type of marshmellow!" and then a long thread ensues where people mock, trash or otherwise incisively comment on the name. Poor loving mom didn't need to see that, now did she?

    In actuality it's frank paranoia because unless your first-middle or sibset is unbelievably unique (i.e. Millionz'a'Dollaz) it will quickly be lost in the sea of google.
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    Haha! Thank you Blade. You summed it up quite nicely with your "horror story". I imagine there are other Charlottes and Riley Annes in the world, so I'm not too worried. Perhaps I should start going by R1ley 4nne, you know, just in case .

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