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    You, Vera Antonia Fairchild and your partner Jacob ChristopherJakeRobinson, are getting married after three years being together. The style of your wedding is: the classic "Vegas" wedding. You honeymoon for five weeks in: New Zealand-An action-packed, thrill-seeking, adventure honeymoon. Two weeks after your return home from your honeymoon in New Zealand you find out you are pregnant! Nine months later you come home with: quadruplets, all boys! Gideon Charles, Phineas James, Lazarus Knox, and Zachary Penn are all healthy and strong.

    Three days before the babies turn 3, you have another birth. This time you have: sextuplets! Alice Rose, Clara Grace, Beatrice Josephine, Hunter David, Edith Victoria, and Ryder Adam are welcomed by their big brothers.

    When your oldest are 6 and your youngest are 3, you have your third and final birth. This time you have, thank the heavens, one child, a son; Ash Isaac.

    One year later there is a suprise.... YOU ADOPT A DOG! It is a boy, you name it: Ozzy.

    Vera Antonia Fairchild and Jacob Christopher Robinson
    Gideon Charles, Phineas James, Lazarus Knox, and Zachary Penn
    Alice Rose, Beatrice Josephine, Clara Grace, Edith Victoria, Hunter David, and Ryder Adam
    Ash Isaac, and
    Eyes aglow like burning coals, look away!
    Look away! For those who spy them ought pray.

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