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  • Evelyn Amalia

    19 59.38%
  • Evelyn Ailie

    4 12.50%
  • Evelyn Anne

    8 25.00%
  • Evelyn April

    5 15.63%
  • Evelyn Ailish

    6 18.75%
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    Nov 2012

    Which middle name choice do you like best?

    I've posted before about needing an A middle name to go with Evelyn for our fourth daughter due in May. These are the our three top choices at this stage and I was just curious to see what people think?

    Evelyn Amalia
    Evelyn Ailie (I'd pronounce it eye-lee)
    Evelyn Anne (Anne is my mothers mn, but I feel like there's too many n's)
    Evelyn April
    Evelyn Ailish (eye-lish, does sound a lot like eye lash but I've always loved this name!)

    Her sisters are Karlie Amaya, Sophie Amika and Chloe Acacia. Our last name is very common and only has one syllable.

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    I think I prefer Evelyn Amalia the most, but you can't go wrong as they are all lovely! I think it has a good ring to it, especially with a one syllable surname.

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    I like Evelyn Amalia the best from your list with Evelyn Ailie as the runner up. I agree that Anne has too many Ns and I think Ailish will be too mis-pronounced. April is nms, but I think it works well.

    Some other possibilities:

    Karlie, Sophie, Chloe, and

    Evelyn Alice
    Evelyn Avis
    Evelyn Audrey
    Evelyn Audra
    Evelyn Althea
    Evelyn Aminta
    Evelyn Agatha
    Evelyn Alexa
    Evelyn Aida
    Evelyn Alita

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    Normally I like family mns even if they don't flow as perfectly, but in this case I think Amalia fits nicely with Evelyn and with your other daughters' mns too, although it's nms.

    I also really like the previous poster's suggestion of Evelyn Audrey, but it doesn't follow the same pattern of the previous mns.

    If you truly love Ailish, I say go for it. Pronunciation of a mn is not really a big deal, and it fits with your other daughters' mns.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback. I was leaning towards Amalia so it's good to see it come out on top! :-)

    I love the name Audrey, but my husband has said a definite no to that. Also, our surname starts with an R sound, so it doesn't really work.

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