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    Name War over thanks to BERRIES SUGGESTIONS!

    Just wanted to post a long time coming decision from a thread I posted back in October

    My cousins are expecting a 3rd child in April, and at the time had no clue sex of baby. With boy named picked out they had the near impossible rules for another baby girl, consisting of HAD to start with C, HAD to end in A, HAD to have 3 syllables and HAD to have 6 letters to match with sisters Amelia and Bianca. Mom loved Claira, Dad loved Corsica, so I reached out for help on compiling a list for them.

    On Thanksgiving they announced that they were indeed expecting another girl and their LAST child.. The Name War then became a reality. Dad admitted Corsica was just a name that he knew would annoy Mom since she had set all the rules, he found the worst name to fit all categories. They stayed quite about names for a while, but I did give them the list and also suggested names outside of C since this will be their last child after all.

    On Christmas they announced that baby girl would in April be named Camilla Rose! (suggested a few times by berries on my original thread!)

    Camilla is a blend of the two big sisters' names which is what Mom was able to convince Dad with!

    Thank you berries for all your suggestions, it really did help! Now awaiting Camilla's arrival (they mentioned back on Thanksgiving that they discussed having me be God Mother to baby, so here's to hoping they do chose me!)

    Hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season!

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    Amelia, Bianca and Camilla are a lovely trio!
    All the best,

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    Camilla Rose is a beautiful name! Congratulations!

    Just one question... If the parents were set on the name having 6 letters, and this spelling has 7, why not Camila? Just wondering. I love the name, though!
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    Ultimately they didn't want to give Camilla a uniquely spelled name just because big sisters Amelia and Bianca have 6 letters. Since Camilla hits all other categories and both mom and dad LOVE the name was enough of a triumph in itself! I do love the sib set Amelia, Bianca and Camilla <3
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    Boys: Logan, Felix, Leo, & Riley
    Girls: Rosalie, Aria, Olivia, Charlotte & Evangelina

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    Just an FYI - Camila - with the single "l" is the 11th most popular name in California. I mention this because it seems more popular than Camilla - so the spelling might not be considered unique.
    Oh, and congrats to your cousins - and good luck to you in the Godmother race
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