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    Tear My List Apart!


    Could you make any great sibsets out of these? Feel free to suggest names that you think would go well with my list. I'd love to hear your opinions! Middle names would be either Eleanor Margaret or Mary Katherine. Have fun!
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    Miriam-I have always loved this name, especially with nn Miri.
    Giada-so exotic, beautiful and romantic.
    Eve-Eve feels a little boring. I prefer the more romantic Eva.
    Maeve-I don't love it or hate it. I can see it growing on me over time, but I'm not there yet.
    Libby-I think it's a nice name in a very understated way.
    Amoret-I haven't heard this one before, but it reminds of amoretto. Probably not what you're going for. Sorry.

    Sibsets from these names: Miriam and Eve sound like sisters. Giada and Libby have a nice ring too.

    Other suggestions: Rachel, Gianna, Evelyn, Lydia
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    Miriam -- I would love to see this on a baby. I have only met one Miriam, and she is my age, so to me this would completely catch people off-guard as a child's name, but in a good way. Nickname suggestion: Mim. [EDIT: Totally didn't notice this listed in your signature already!]

    Giada -- Not entirely sure how to pronounce this. That alone makes me dislike it, but if I heard it said aloud and got used to it, I'm certain it would grow on me to an extent.

    Eve -- I went through a phase of loving both Eve and Eden, never sure which I loved more. I tended to lean toward Eden just because it has more substance than the abrupt Eve. However, again, I know that if I were to meet a child named Eve, I would adore it.

    Maeve -- I like this more than Eve. It has the same great feel and general sound, but it has more substance to it. It feels like more of a name.

    Libby -- Love this! I love nicknamey names as given names, and would love to see a child named JUST Libby, not Elizabeth, Liberty, or any other "formal" name. Libby is fun and spunky.

    Amoret -- Hm. I like this, but something about it just doesn't "stand out" to me.

    Suggestions based on those you have:
    Neve (three pronunciation options: NAY-vay, NEEV, or NEV)
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    Miriam - beautiful name; love your nn Mim - so cute

    Giada - this is very Italian to me, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your background and perspective. I don't love the name; it makes me think of giardia (but that isn't an association the average person would likely make). I initially read the name as Glada, which I had never heard, but kind of liked in a feel-good sort of way.

    Eve - I prefer Evelyn with nn Evy

    Maeve - I like Maeve

    Libby - this is cute but a bit too nn-y for me

    Amoret - this does not have a meaning I would want associated with my daughter; I think the connotation behind this word is negative (more like harlot than love) - no offense!

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    Miriam - Strong and melodious. Love the nn Mim.

    Giada - I agree that it sounds pretty ethnic, but it's also lovely. A good alternative to Gianna.

    Eve - NMS, but I kind of like seeing it on other people.

    Maeve - Getting rather mainstream, but hey, that means people know how to pronounce it.

    Libby - Eh. Too cutesy. I like it better as a nn for Elizabeth.

    Amoret - Have to strongly disagree with pp on this one; Amoret means "married love," like fidelity (the namesake character in The Faerie Queene's primary trait), which is pretty much the opposite of "harlot." I think it's gorgeous, as you can see in my signature!
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