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    Still daydreaming twin boys need opinions/suggestions

    On a previous post I came to the conclusion that if we were to have twin boys Dh and I would probably use Luciano and Angelo but a few other name have jumped out at me since and I would love opinions and suggestions, how do Enzo and Gino sound as twins or potentially brothers? Any other suggestions of names that are Italian and short and sweet that would go well with Enzo? That's the one I really love. Thank you berries! Hopefully soon these babies will be a reality!

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    Hi! I also dream of having twins! (and since I am doing fertility treatment it is a real possibility!)

    I like Enzo best from your list... Im not particularly fond of Gino or angelo... Luciano is ok...

    How about....

    Gian or Gianni

    Good luck with trying to have twins!!!!
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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