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Thread: Jonas

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    What do you think of the name Jonas?

    I don't want to choose a name with a significantly strong Biblical feel to it, and I've always felt that Jonah and Jonas felt a bit too strongly Biblical. Is this just me?

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    All the Jonas's I've known or seen on TV are rude, selfish and cheeky. So I don't really like it but apart from that-good. Prefer Jonah.

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    I prefer Jonas to Jonah, but both have a distinctly biblical vibe for me.
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    I prefer Jonah, while it does have that biblical feel it doesn't strike me as an overly biblical name. It's got a great soft sound and just feels old and full but yet young and spunky.
    On the other hand Jonas reminds me of the Disney channel and the Jonas brothers.
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    I know a Jonas, I think it's one of the best boy names there are. So much cooler than Jonah! "My" Jonas is really cool, kind, sweet and smart.
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