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    Thoughts on Anton Grey?

    What do you think of the name Anton Grey? My husbands middle name is Anton.
    My only fear is that people will call him Ant for short and I hate nicknames like that. And do you think this name will become popular at all?

    Thank you

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    My friend just named her baby Arden Grey, so I like Anton Grey a lot. I don't think it will be popular, but as far as nicknames go you can't really control them.

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    I like it. It's a handsome a classic name. I don't see people calling him Ant but Tony may be a real possibility for a nickname. Not sure how you feel about Tony as a nickname.
    I have no way to preduct how popular the name will become but I haven't heard it being tossed around much, if that helps.

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    I love it! I used to dive with a guy named Anton... nobody *ever* called him Ant, I actually don't think it's very intuitive.
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    That makes me feel better, I am glad the name is getting positive feedback. I have not heard it used at all and even looking through Nameberry, I have not seen any Anton's.
    I was worried, I dont want my future child know as an Anton H or Anton P etc.

    I hope no one would call him Tony, I dislike like name in general.
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