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    Corollaria- Could it work?

    I was recently looking for flower, fairy like names for a character. I searched translations for "flower girl" and found that it translated to "Corollaria" in Latin- I used it. I found that it was pretty much just a combination of the names "Coral" and "Aria" anyway so I figured that it would work. What do you think? Could it become a name for girls? And is this the correct translation? Thanks Berries!!

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    Smushed together as Corollaria, I think it's too much and just does not sound pleasant to my ear. However, if you did as a combo like Coral Aria or maybe even hyphenated as Coral-Aria it would work a lot better.

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    I tried to say this out loud, but "cholera" came out instead.
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    It looks like corollary. Corollaria actually means a garland or a crown of flowers.

    Flower in Latin is floris; girl is puella, or femella. I'm not sure either would make a nice name smooshed.
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    To be honest it just makes me think of cholera.
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