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    Your theoretical style versus what you'd actually name your child

    So, since I was younger I have always been in tune with naming trends. I have always had likes and dislikes based on these naming trends. Despite my long running love for names I cannot fit myself into a specific "style" of naming that I prefer.

    When I had my children, I was extremely torn between guilty pleasures and names I'd actually use on my child. I also had a great amount of difficulty separating these two. What name was a guilty pleasure? Was I being unrealistic in thinking about naming my son Cassius or my daughter Tatum? What about Andromeda? Is even a name like Daphne too outre?

    My husband helped me narrow down the possibilities based on his immediate impression of a name. For our first daughter, I had a short list containing Tatum, Thea, Mara, Valerie, and several more. He fell in love with Valerie, and his absolute love for the name combined with my mutual love for the name made us end up choosing Valerie. And I do not regret the choice, but do occasional wonder--what if she were a Tatum, or a Mara?

    3 kids later, and anticipating/debating having another 1 or 2 in the next 5 years, I am becoming limited in my choices based on "sibling-matching" names with the rest of my children.

    I would have to say that all of my childrens names I LOVE for who they are and what I expect of them for the future. Their names will help them in the job process versus a child with a more obscure name for example. But sometimes I wish I could choose something that stands out a little more for my next child. My style varies. I tend to like verging on unisex names, strong sounding versus cutsie girl names, and strangely I also like names that peaked in the 40's and 50's. My style is eclectic. But I always seem to choose names that are more modern for my kids, or would "fit in yet stand out."

    Unisex-y names I love but likely will not use:

    Names that peaked ~50 years ago that I love but am afraid to use:

    Names I love but that seem to artsy/out there for a child:
    Jessamine (used as my second daughter's middle name)

    SO after a long explanation, my question for you is, to you think that the names you love you will never be able to use when you are actually naming children? or are you more daring than I am? Do you think that sibling names have to be "matching" or "similar" or can you see a Marcia and a Jessamine in the same family, or a Tatum and a Karen as twins?

    Please give me your thoughts on this, as it is really bothering me lately..
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    I guess it's different for everyone. For me, I won't put a name on my actual written list if I wouldn't consider using it. So while I love Susannah.. It's much too frilly and I hate the nn Susie. And while I love Roman, it seems to give off a trendy celebrity vibe that I don't care for.
    Now that I'm married, my list consists of names both hubby and I agree on, and then my other favourites-which I'm hoping to sneak in as middles.

    To answer your question, I think I can only truly love names that I can see on my children

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    I have the same dilemma, as I am afraid to use Melisende, but I know it irracional fear and honestly consider using it, as I love it. But, as I know name is not guarantee for any problems or advantages, I don't think my irracional fear (which, honestly isn't strong at all) will stop me from using a name I like.
    I call some people who know much about teasing and child problems, so they assure me name like Vesper or Delyela or Snow are not guarantee for any problems, so I feel much relaxed when I though about names.
    Elena, Claudia, Romilly, Melisende, Dahlia, Viola, Arabella, Serena, Melody, Freya, Morgana, Mercy, Mariella, Ramona, Maris, Layla, Roselyn, Viviette, Briony, Leta, Leda...
    This is my list of all girls names I like:

    Artur, Martin, Adam, Oliver, Robert, Edmund...

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    I definitely have names on my list that I am not sure I'd actually use. I tell my DH that I love the name(s) and add it to the list, all the while knowing that he'll make a face and declare that no child of his will be named Marilla (cue my DH singing 'Marilla the Gorilla' to the tune of the Bananas in Pyjamas theme song). So, if he actually turned around and said, "Okay" to one of my more obscure choices, I am not sure if I'd still profess the same love for that choice!
    But, I do LOVE the nn Rilla and how it conjures up my childhood heroine, Anne of Green Gables! Anne makes the name even sweeter to my ears and heart! Okay, so I've just realized that I would use Marilla but there are names on that list that I think I'd have to throw out if it was really coming down to tagging it to my child for life!

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    I have an affinity to nature names - River, Lily, Rose, Daisy, Skye, Saffron, - and names that I associate with the comfort of my childhood - Angelina (Ballerina), Beatrix (potter), Jemima (Puddleduck), Annabelle (The name of my first doll) - but only a few of these are what I would consider 'usable'. I am certainly not game enough to call my child River Beatrix or Saffron Angelina, as beautiful as they are! Also, dear husband would likely disagree!

    So, though I have many fantasies of a beautiful hippy-child name, my realistic naming style would be short, pretty names that can easily be spelt and pronounced and don't conjure up an image of a particular person when you think of them! Hopefully convince hubby to consider a few of the nature ones though!
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