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    I've developed a unexpected love for the name Fable. I first heard it a year or so ago, and I didn't quite like it at first, but now I'm obsessed with it. :>
    My favorites right now:
    Girls: Alena, Anya, Emme, Fable, Gwyneth, Thalia, Thora, Vaiva
    Boys: August, Bodhi, Blake, Declan, Eamon, Fergus, Finch, Rory

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    Oct 2012
    My current crushes are Francine, Sylvie, Olivia, and Jasmine. We'll be making a final decision soon as we are due in a few weeks

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    I'm in LOVE with Cordelia right now,

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    Oct 2012
    My crush right now is Merilee. It's so cute!

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    Sep 2012
    Greek mythology names have been appealing to me lately
    Athena, Demetrius, Ares are my crushes right now.
    Hopeless romantic and proud momma of two princesses:
    Isabella Jane & Vanessa Rose

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