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    Congratulations! Maude Clementine is a fantastic name.

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    A beautiful combo with lots of spunkiness. Congratulations.

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    ooh! Congratulations! I adore Maude Clementine! Clementine is my daughter Cora's middle name, and Maude was one of our top contenders for Olive and remains a favorite.

    I'm curious - will you use a nickname?
    Mom to Willa, Cora, Sybil, and Olive.

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    Thanks everyone! sarahsays, I haven't considered any nicknames as Maude is so short already. I'm not really into nicknames at all, but my 4 year old daughter, Lucah, has been signing everything "Lulu" and says that is what she wants to be called. So I guess I'm okay with that .

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    Maude Clementine is a striking name. Congratulations on your little girl!
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