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    @ namehappy: Ooh, I'd love more ideas!

    @spring13: Thank you for your feedback and help with pronunciation. Yay, I love Naava prn. NAH-vuh. So, as its own name, Shani is pronounced sha-KNEE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine.10 View Post
    So, as its own name, Shani is pronounced sha-KNEE?
    Yup, technically anyway. If you're in the US and don't run with a crowd that uses these kinds of names, you could get away with either pronunciation.

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    Ok, im throwing out a bunch. If you give me some parameters I can get more detailed. See if you like any of them.

    Tamar- the fruit
    Alana- Palm tree
    Miriam- Mose's sister
    Talia- Morning Dew
    Shira- Song
    Avital- Father of the Dew
    Ariella- Lion of G-d
    Zahava - Gold
    Batya- Daughter of G-d
    Rena- Happiness/Joy
    Ahava- Love
    Emmunah- Faith
    Adira- strong/powerful
    Gila- Happiness
    Naama- Pleasant
    Mayaan- To Spring
    Tikvah- Hope
    Zohara- Light/splendor
    Moriah- Hill, There is a Mount Moriah in Israel.
    Aviva- Spring (the season)

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    Thanks namehappy!

    I'm loving Talia, Shira, Avital, Zahava, and Moriah! I would love more suggestions, but I'm not sure what kinds of parameters would help. I especially like names with positive meanings such as "light" "song" or "faith."

    Thank you again for your ideas -- they have been really helpful!

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    Great! Im glad it's helpful. I was just wondering if you needed the name to have a certain letter, ending, syllable count, meaning etc.

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