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    Quote Originally Posted by namehappy View Post
    Great! Im glad it's helpful. I was just wondering if you needed the name to have a certain letter, ending, syllable count, meaning etc.
    No, not really. I'm a long way from having children, so it's just brainstorming and making lists at this point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine.10 View Post
    Avigail with Avi as a nn? Also, would the name get confused with Abigail all the time?
    Naava -- Not quite sure on the pronunciation of this one...Meira
    I love Hebrew names! I'm Jewish but my married name is very Anglo now. I'd really like to use a "Jewish" name now. My favorites are Shoshana and Oren (I almost like Oren on a girl).

    Avigail with Avi as a nn? Also, would the name get confused with Abigail all the time? Avi is a really Jewish MALE nickname, it basically means "our father". I just can't see it for a girl. Yes Avigail will undoubtedly make people think it is an Abigail typo unless you live in an Orthodox community.
    Zipporah ... I love this name! It means bird, I believe, so Birdy and Zippy make really cute nicknames.
    Shani ... Not fond of it.
    Dalia ... Hubby and I love this name. Not quite as sensual as Dahlia (a good thing). Dolly nn is the best part.
    Liora... Prefer Lior.
    Samara... Gorgeous! Totally usable!!
    Josette ... Not very Hebrew
    Naava ... I pronounce in Nah - vah (fist sylb stronger). As in, hava nagila but hava with an N. Gorg!!
    Alizah ... Seems dated to me. Know too many girls in late 20s with this name.
    Dara ... Reminds me too much if cartoon Daria

    “And remember, my sentimental friend, that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.” L. Frank Baum, The Wizard of Oz

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    More suggestions:

    Eliora - Related Liora, obviously, but a bit of a call-back to sounds like Alizah too. Means "G-d is my light." ell-ee-or-a
    Eliana - "G-d has heard"
    Ayelet - dawn star. I find it poetic and a bit like Aurora. 3 syllables, though, please, not like eyelet lace. EYE-yell-it
    Zehava - my mom's Hebrew name. Means gold. Oh, already posted...sorry
    Esther - star. Most people should be able to say this one.
    Shoshana - "rose" - I just really like flower names.
    Zakia/Zakiya - "pure"
    Zelda - This is more Yiddish than Hebrew, I just like it. It means "lucky."

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    I forgot Kelilah keh-lee-la, which means crown of laurel, and Ketzia which means cinnamon, and are two of the only K names I find attractive.

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    Thank you for those suggestions! Eliora and Eliana are favorites of mine! I had never considered Ayelet before, but I love the Hebrew pronunciation and I'm definitely putting it on my list! Kelilah and Ketzia are really neat too.

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