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    Quote Originally Posted by maggiemary View Post
    I really love Alizah, but then I also like the Hebrew name Elza, which comes from the same roots I believe.
    Ooh, Elza is cool! Thanks for bringing it up.

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    Avigail - I do think there would be confusion with Abigail, but its just so pretty. Great choice and very usable.
    Zipporah - I may not want to use this, but its a cool, different choice that would be great to hear on a kid.
    Shani - It's useable, but I feel it falls flat next to some of the others on your list.
    Dalia - Very pretty and useable.
    Liora - Favorite!
    Samara - Pretty name, useable, but I still think of the American version of The Ring when I hear it. I need a new association for this one.
    Josette - Useable, but falls flat next to many of the others.
    Naava - I can see this one being useable, but I think you'd always have pronunciation issues.
    Meira - I agree with stripedsocks, I like Liora so much more.
    Alizah - Pretty and useable.
    Dara - Great name and I think it would be very useable. It's easy to say, but you might get some that confuse it with Dora, despite them being two completely different names.

    I must say, I do think of cosmetics the moment I hear Sephora. I would guess a lot of other women would too.
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    I think the majority of those are usable - and really lovely! I don't know if you have come across Tirzah, but I thought you may like it. (teer-zah).

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    Tirzah is pretty! I guess the only concern I have with that is the "tears" part of the name. But still, very lovely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    Avigail - Known one. I like it more than Abigail because I'm not especially fond of Abby. Avi is fine as a nickname but more common on boys.
    Zipporah - Not super fond of this spelling but I guess its what's likely to happen anyway. One of my Hebrew names is Tzippa which is a diminutive of it, Tzipporah would be more elegant. I sort of like the T, especially if its going to be a middle name. If the tz-sound isn't going to happen anyway I sort of like Sephora/Cephora which are translations. Zippy is kind of awful as a nickname.
    Shani - Dislike it. Looks like Shari and Shanna and those sort of names.
    Dalia - Pleasant. I also like just Dahlia and might go with that.
    Liora - I adore Liora/Leora. I don't know which spelling would be easier for English speakers. Liora is more current in Israel I believe, Leora is an old-fashioned transliteration I have a soft spot for.
    Samara - Dislike, sorry.
    Josette - Not Hebrew particularly. It's fine?
    Naava -- nah-VAH.
    Meira - I forsee many people trying to read this as 2 syllables, like Mira or Myra? Mayira might be clearer? I don't really like it. Liora's much prettier with similar meaning.
    Alizah - I don't see English speakers getting that there's an ee-sound in there and I imagine a lot of people will be thinking you can't spell Eliza. I sort of prefer Aaliyah/Aliyah.
    Dara - Any chance of Dinah/Dina? (either die-nah or dee-nah)? I'm not keen on Dara.

    I would likely agree with you on Zippy as an awful nickname but I had a Zipporah in my church (she was really little when I was a teen, so she's not my age, she's probably a teen now), they called her Zippy and it was the perfect nickname for her. She was a really happy, outgoing child, it just fit.

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