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    How usable are these Hebrew names (Avigail, Zipporah, etc.)

    I love Hebrew names, but I'm wondering how usable some of them would be in the US. What do you think of these names? Do you think they are wearable?

    Avigail -- I'm thinking is pronounced AH-vigail as in, "say ahh!" In that case, what do you think of Avi as a nn? Also, would the name get confused with Abigail all the time?
    Naava -- Not quite sure on the pronunciation of this one...

    Can you think of any good combos of these names with non-Hebrew firsts or middles?

    Thanks so much!

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    Of these my favourites are Naava, Samarah, Meira, Alizah and possibly Shani. Naava is quite an interesting name; I'm pronouncing it "NAH-va" in my mind.

    I think Avigail is usable; there would be lots of Abigail confusion, but Avi is a great nn.

    Zipporah really doesn't work for me.

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    I think a majority of them are very usable, especially Avigail, Dalia, Samara, Dara and Josette although as far as I know Josette is French. From the list I really like Avigail, Samara and Josette
    Josephine Athénaïs - Josephine Ivy - Myriam Athénaïs - Vivienne Josephine
    Athena Beatrice - Beatrice Cecile - Eléonor Anne-Sophie -Myriam Beatrice - Meredith Elizabeth
    Ambrose Aristide - Ulysses Aristide

    Girls: Aenor, Bérangère, Bérénice, Catalina, Honorine, Nadezhda Boys: Augustin, Calixte, Emeric, Hugo, Lambert, Maxandre, Maxence, Yves

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    I think Dalia, Samara, Josette, Alizah and Dara are quite usable.

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    Avigail - nice but i think it would get confused wit Abigail, I pronounce it like Abigail with a v
    Zipporah - I love this, it's really unexpected Ann's beautiful
    Shani - I pronounce it shah-nee and it sounds a little like a made up name
    Dalia - is this like dahlia? If so, yummy
    Liora - stunning
    Samara - makes me think of the ring
    Josette - sounds a little like an old woman name to me, not sure why
    Naava - I would pronounce this like nahla with a v, and I love it
    Meira - nice
    Alizah - nice
    Dara - this is ok, I do t really have an opinion on it

    I'm not too goo on making combos, so ill leave that to the professionals

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