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    I love both Ella and Willa but I agree they are way too close for sisters. Ada is really sweet. It's a name I've never really given much thought to, but thinking about it now, I do really like it. It reminds me a lot of Ava which is another name that I love.

    I say go for Ada. Simple, sweet, and sounds lovely next to Ella. I don't think you can go wrong!

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    Willa is a great name, but it's so similar to Ella. There's a two letter difference. But Ada is great with Ella. Both are short and sweet, both are vintage, and both have a similar charm. I say yay to Ada!
    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you so much for the feedback. I am loving Ada more and more. It makes me teary... okay that must be the pregnancy.

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    Yay for Ada!

    In agreeance will pps; Willa is so close to Ella, I wouldn't do it. I also prefer Ada to Willa. I love it, actually! I posted a while back for suggestions for longer names that Ada can be used as a nn for, because my surname doesn't flow well with Ada. I'm not sure if you're interested in a longer name, as you mentioned disliking multi-syllabic names, but I thought I'd throw some suggestions out there just in case.

    Adeline (know a sibset Ella & Adeline who are adorable!)

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    I like Ada a lot, but I also think that it's a bit matchy with Ella, to be honest (Willa is waaaay too matchy!).

    Some others that I think might fit your requirements:

    Ella and Nora
    Ella and Lucy
    Ella and Mae
    Ella and Iris
    Ella and Clara
    Ella and Petra
    Ella and Rose
    Ella and Lara
    Ella and Greta
    Ella and Celia
    Ella and Rhea
    Ella and Ivy
    Ella and Delia
    Ella and Nina
    Ella and Cora
    Ella and Ruby
    Ella and June
    Ella and Pearl
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