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    need help to pick her name

    This is my first pregnancy, expecting a baby girl, and I'm finding it so hard to get the perfect name. We are looking for a name that either doesn't need a nickname or has a cute girlie one. There are two boys already in the family so we want something feminine, nothing unisex, so there is no question as to her gender. She is due in May so we've been trying to think of Spring names that are light and unique; however we also like nature names, colour names, animal and bird names, jewel names, French names, elegant names etc. We live in a bilingual (Eng/French) city so we would like to have her name be easily pronounceable between both languages.

    My fiancé and I have thought of these but are not sold on any particular one:

    Charlotte (he really likes this but is it too popular? I don't like the nicknames Char or Lottie, and definitely not Charlie)
    Coral (I love the colour and we both like the sea reference, but is it ok for a name?)
    Brielle (does this sound too.. pop singer-ish?)
    Breanna (we both like the nickname Bre, but wondering if the ending "anna" is overused... not liking Breanne as much)
    Avani (Ay-vah-nee, I like the nickname Ava but is it too plain?)

    Any comments about these names (good or bad) or any other name suggestions are very welcome!!

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