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    Is my child gonna hate her name Guinevere?

    I love the name name Guinevere and am seriously considering it for my daughter. BUT, this is one those names that I never liked growing up and is a recent new love of mine. I think its so elegant now. But Im worried my daughter wont think the same. Is this name too bold? A name that only a certain few fit? Or am I just totally over thinking it? I wouldn't normally be so worried, but I have never personally known a Guinevere and I used to hate the name. Im in love with long elegant names that have cutesie nicknames. So if there are pretty long names you would like to suggest feel free!

    Names I like
    Genevieve (love this name but cant use it)

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    My name is Mackenzi. And growing up I hated it. Along with my middle name "Bray" which was my great grandmother's maiden name. But as I've grown I've also grown to love and appreciate my name. I feel that is the same with many girls/children in general. I especially love my middle name now because of the sentiments that go along with it. When I was young and people would ask me what the "B" stood for I would fib and say Brooke.

    If you feel that it may be too bold what about a similar but still as beautiful name such as Gwendolyn. You could use the same nn Gwen.
    This is my bf's mother's name and I absolutely adore it. She is originally from Belgium and is one of the classiest ladies I know.

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    I can easily see a little girl LOVING having a name like Guinevere, I also agree with you that I could see a girl not really feeling it--but really, you never know, your child could just as easily hate any name. It's certainly bold and elaborate, BUT it comes with plenty of options. If she doesn't want to be Guinevere, she can always be Gwen or be Nev.

    I love Josephine and Penelope too.

    Other thoughts:

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    It's difficult naming babies isn't it? I'm having a huge freak out at the moment too. The answer is, you can't know how she will feel about it whichever name you choose. Everything depends on what she's like and how she feels about it. For example, I know two Charlotte's. One hated her name growing up, the other loved it. The same with Ingrid and Alice. Most people will at some point hate their name, wishing it was more special, romantic, popular, plain, cool, whatever. I think Guinevere is stunning, as is Josephine..

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    I don't know whether or not she will hate her name or not. She could hate it when she's young, hate it then but later love it, hate it for her entire life, or she could just like it. I can't really answer your question, but some things in your post struck me. Why did you hate it? Was it because it was too bold, too out there, or just didn't like it. Chances are, she might feel the same way you did at the time about the name. She could grow into it if it was just too bold, and she might learn to like it. But, even though parents are using unusual names now, most kids she'd go to school with will have common, everyday names, and Guinevere will stand out amongst them.

    Another thing is is that you said that it's a recent love of yours. You might not like it in a few months, or after she's born. You're already questioning it now. If it turns out that you don't end up liking it in the long run, then you'd be stuck with the same worries you're having now, but adding that you don't love it anymore.

    Sorry for the long winded reply. This is just what I thought of when I read your post.
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